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DC 24V To 12V

                     DC-DC Converters


Products & functionality: DC-DC Converters
•   The DC_DC Converters are used in 24V systems in order to enable the       usage of 12 components
•   Common loads includes: radio, navigator, power points, refrigerators...
•   Input Voltage Range: from 18V to 32V
•   Output Voltage (typical): 13V +/- 0.5V
•   Max Output ripple: 50 mVpp
•   Output current: from 5A to 30A
•   Open Load Consumption: <1mA

•   Cost optimized solution
•   Technical solution from 5A up to 30A loads
•   Validated according to automotive Standards
•   Adjustable solution to customer needs
•   off the shelf platform
•   no R&D investment

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